Realia Isännöinti continues to grow in Southwest Finland – Isännöintipalvelu Lehtiö joins the company

In December 2020, Finland’s largest property management company, Realia Isännöinti Oy, acquired the share capital of Lehtiö Oy, a property management service based in Raisio. The acquisition is part of Realia Isännöinti’s growth strategy and furthers the company’s goal of being a frontrunner in the property management sector.

The Raisio-based hosting company Lehtiö Oy was founded in 2004 by Henry Lehtiö. Customers have been happy with the company’s long-running development work, which currently covers a total of approximately 100 housing companies and property companies.

“We have an established and recognised position in Raisio, Turku, Naantali and Masku. We want to respond better to regional demand and further develop our business, and in this regard  the acquisition by Realia Isännöinti was a natural continuation of our company’s story”, says Isännöintipalvelu Lehtiö managing director Henry Lehtiö.

“Our familiar and professional staff will continue to serve our customers. The deal allows us to offer our services as part of Realia Isännöinti’s expert organisation, and to develop the property management sector and customer service models together. We welcome the support of a national operator for our office in Raisio”, Lehtiö adds.

“I warmly welcome Henry and the entire staff of Isännöintipalvelu Lehtiö to Realia Isännöinti. Together, we will be able to offer Isännöintipalvelu Lehtiö’s customers a continued high-quality and evolving service, in which we will invest intensively in 2021. I would like to wish Henry Lehtiö and his team every success in the development of the Raisio office”, says Realia Isännöinti business director Veli Huotari.

The acquisition does not affect existing customer agreements. Isännöintipalvelu Lehtiö Oy will continue its operations as a company as part of Realia Group after the acquisition.

Additional information:

Veli Huotari, business director, Realia Isännöinti, tel. +358 40 509 5087

Henry Lehtiö, unit manager, Realia Isännöinti, tel. 0358 44 781 2732