Realia Group has acquired Colliers International Finland Group’s property management business, further strengthening its position as Finland’s largest property management company

Realia Group, the largest housing and commercial property asset management and real estate company in the Nordic countries, has acquired Colliers Isännöinti Oy (formerly Ovenia Isännöinti Oy) from Colliers International Finland Group Oy (formerly Ovenia Group Oy). The acquisition is a part of Realia Group and its subsidiary Realia Isännöinti’s growth strategy and supports the company’s goal in being a pioneer in the property management business, especially in improving the customer experience.

Colliers Isännöinti Oy is Finland’s second-largest property management company after Realia Isännöinti. The company operates in 14 localities, with about 1,100 customers in all. Turnover in 2017 was EUR 13.9 million, and the company has around 140 employees. Colliers Isännöinti Oy will continue to operate as its own company for the time being, but in conjunction with the acquisition its name has been changed to Arenna Oy.

“We wanted to find a well-respected and knowledgeable company for our business, one with both the desire and the capacity to develop operations in the future. We are pleased that Realia Group has been selected as the buyer for our property management operations. We also wanted to ensure that our customers will continue to receive the best possible service,” says Colliers International Finland Group Oy CEO Sirpa Ojala .

“This deal is a significant further step in developing Realia Isännöinti as Finland’s leading provider of property management services. The geographical position of Colliers Isännöinti – or Arenna, as it will be called from now on – further strengthens our operations in Finland, focusing on the Helsinki metropolitan area and Eastern and Northern Finland. We are very pleased and proud to add their expertise to our team. It is essential for us to provide a first-class service for current and new customers alike”, says Realia Group Oy CEO and acting business director Matti Bergendahl .

“Realia Group is the largest provider of property management and real estate expert services in the Nordic countries, and we’re aiming for significant growth in the coming years. Realia Isännöinti’s growth, both organically and through corporate acquisitions, is an important part of our company’s strategy,” says Bergendahl.


Additional information:

Matti Bergendahl, CEO, Realia Group Oy, and acting
Business Director, tel. +358 40 833 5461

Sirpa Ojala, CEO, Colliers International Finland Group Oy, tel. 0405663466