What we believe in

Realia Group's vision is to offer better living and real estate wealth to its customers. 

Our mission is to help our customers to find the best solutions in all questions related to the sale, purchase, leasing and management of apartments and properties. We want to lead the way in the field of property management and brokerage operations.

Realia Group's strategy is based on growth, customer experience and competitiveness. We are looking for growth through straightforward geographic investments, recruitment, business arrangements and acquisitions. 

Our aim is to build the best customer experience in the field by implementing a customer-oriented culture, training our personnel and reshaping our operating models.

The Group's competitiveness is made up of strong brands, motivated and skilful personnel, and the ability and will to invest in working methods and processes of the future. 

Realia Group's values are succeeding together, bold renewal and acting responsibility.