Realia Management

Realia Management Oy is a service company specialising in real estate management. We operate nationwide and have more than 300 experts in different parts of Finland. Our customers include private and public owners and users of residential and commercial properties, fund companies, banks and other operators. Our range of services includes property management, residential leasing, financial management services, commercial property brokerage and valuation services. Realia Management serves consumer customers in questions related to residential leasing under the name of Realia Asuntovuokraus.

Realia Isännöinti

Realia Isännöinti is the largest real estate management company in Finland. We have more than 50 years of experience in real estate management and demanding repair and renovation projects. We have 400 experts in 40 different locations in Finland. Our services cover 5,200 different apartment house companies, 120,000 homes and more than 300,000 residents. We provide our customers with extensive and high-quality local services close to our customers. Customer satisfaction is in the core of the operations of Realia Isännöinti. We continuously measure the quality of our customer service and take continuous action to offer the best customer experience in the field.


Huoneistokeskus is a pioneer in brokerage operations. It brought modern real estate brokerage services to Finland in 1953 and has since then been a part of the most important housing decisions of many Finns. Being the leading service provider, we are continuously developing our operations to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. We are a true professional in brokerage operations, and most of our employees are licensed real estate agents. All of our operations are guided by our values, active approach, professional skills and customer satisfaction

Huom! Huoneistomarkkinointi

Huom! is the most rapidly growing real estate brokerage chain in Finland. Our objective is to be the most dynamic agency in the field, for our customers and agents. Our operating model, where every agent is also a shareholder, makes us stand out from our competitors. Entrepreneurial thinking and openness keeps our service level high. As a result, every agent aims to provide their customers with a unique service, which is evaluated openly via customer feedback. We want to challenge the real estate brokerage field and do things differently – that is, better than ever before.


Ober-Haus A/S offers real estate brokerage and property management services in all Baltic countries. Founded in 1994, the company has approximately 280 employees in 22 offices in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, making it the largest company in its field in the Baltics.  Realia Group acquired all shares in Ober Haus in 2007.


Hestia was founded in 2007 and operates in Sweden, Norway and Finland providing services in property management and corporate real estate management serving property investors, user-owners and tenants. Hestia employs approximately 170 people in 30 localities. The core of the company is strong expertise, personal service and an emphasis on customer experience. Realia Group acquired Hestia in February 2017.